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What’s New 
• Represented by Minc Talent Agency - Theatrical
• Garduate from UCLA TFT 
• Avail for AT&T Fiber commercial
• Signed with Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Assocs for 
   commercial representation
• Avail for Verizon commercial
• Booked Walmart commercial with director Antoine Fuqua

12/5      Graduate Second City Directing Program
11/10    Booked role on American Crime
11/1      Directorial Debut “Haze Of Our Lives” at Second City opens
10/9      Accepted to 2017 UCLA TFT - 
             Professional Acting for the Camera Program
9/13      Perform in musical “Afros & Asswhoopins” at Second City
4/6        Booked role on Rizzoli & Isles
4/3        Guest on podcast Five Things That Changed Your Life (iTunes)
3/30      Director of Second City Archive show (Rikki & Ice Capades)
2/28      Booked role on Baked Goodes web series
2/14      Booked role on Child of the 70’s web series
2/3        Booked role on General Hospital
1/9        Accepted into year long Directing Program at Second City

12/7      Booked NBC The Voice, gospel choir for Jordan Smith
10/21    Trip of a lifteime Cruise to Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia
10/9      Avail for Lowes commercial 
9/11      Start Film Audition class with cd Dean Fronk
9/4        New Theatrical Representation 90210 Talent
8/11      Begin Voice Over for actors class at Kalmenson & Kalmenson
8/5        Audition for CBS Diversity Showcase
7/16      Sketch show The Music Is Too Loud opens at Second City
6/29      Sing background vocals for artist Sheila Nicholls new cd
5/30      Sung Leonard Cohen’s HALLELUJAH with quartet at AGAPE
5/3        Booked JESUS WAS ASHY Sketch Comedy Show at UCB 
4/20      Booked Multi Day Co-Star on NCIS
4/3        Improv with team Sibling Rivalry at iOWest
3/25      Intern for BET Networks show Being Mary Jane
3/24      Guest on Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa Pei
             syndicated NBC News Radio Show KCAA AM 1050
2/24      Booked sketch comedy show Blk Hstry Mnth at iOWest 
2/11      Booked CLOROX National Commercial
1/12      Booked at UCB Sunset’s Spank Show w/ This Is Not A Tan
1/9        Avail for COMCAST national commercial
1/6        Completed 40 hour audition intensive with Annie Grindlay
1/5        Booked understudy in This Is Not A Tan at Second City

12/12    Started a blog www.ActingLessonsLearned.com
12/6      Booked WFCF at iOWest Period Panties
11/20    Begin Groundlings Core Track Intermediate
11/10    Booked Period Panties sketch comedy at iO West
10/4      Finish Commercial Improv class w/ Killian McHugh
9/17      Avail for WAL-MART commercial
9/6        Weekend commercial intensive with Toby Lawless
9/2        Avail for Verizon print campaign
8/27      Begin 10 week Comedy Essentials at Actors Comedy Studio
8/7        Booked national BANK of AMERICA commercial
7/18      Booked VERISIGN commercial
6/17      Stage manager for Harold Ramis memorial 
4/30      Begin Long Form 3 class at Second City
4/27      Long Form 2 improv  Class show at Second City
4/22      Long Form 2 improv  Class show at Second City
4/22      Improv team Sibling Rivalry founded
4/9        Booked national commercial for SUBARU
4/1        Booked national commercial for EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS
3/31      Stage manager for Fred Kaz memorial
3/23      Long Form 2 improv Class show at Second City
3/5        Begins Long Form improv 2 Class Second City
3/18      Booked role of Cher ABC-TV’s SELFIE
3/5        Booked national commercial PIER ONE IMPORTS
1/6        Assistant director of Second City Tops & Bottoms
1/1        Start Long Form 1 Improv at Second City  

10/21   GRADUATE from Second City Hollywood Conservatory
10/4     Booked NATURE’S BEST print campaign
9/18     Sign with Osbrink Agency for Voiceover
9/9       Open Frenemies Of The State 8 wk grad show Second City
7/8       Begin voiceover classes with Kiff Vandenheuval
7/13     Avail for ENTERPRISE commercial
4/23     Accepted into Second City Graduate Con 5A/B
3/13     Accepted into Groundlings Professional Core Track Basic
3/13     On Avail for K-MART commercial
3/13     Studied Sitcom Auditioning with Mary Lou Belli 
2/13     Finish commercial class with Jill Alexander
2/13     Advanced to Conservatory 4 at Second City

12/12      Advanced to Conservatory 3 at Second City
12/12      New Management Acuity Entertainment Management
12/12      Con 2 class performance at Second City
10/12      Avail for PORK commercial 
9/12        Avail for How I Met Your Mother
8/12        Conservatory 1 Improv begins at Second City
8/12        Accepted into Second City conservatory 
7/12        Improv 3 at Second City begins
7/12        Booked national commercial for NATIONWIDE 
6/12        Swam first 500m Freestyle at Santa Monica College 
5/12        Taking Improv 2 at Second City 
5/12        Finished Killian McHugh’s Call Back Class
5/12        Booked national commercial for COKE ZERO
4/12        Completed Improv 1 at Second City
4/12        New member of AGAPE INTERNATIONAL CHOIR
3/12        Completed 3 months of Script Analysis with cd Deb Aquila
3/12        Completed 3 months of Prof Scene Study w. Donna Morong
3/12        Booked national commercial for POISE
3/12        Booked national commercial for DENNY’S
2/12        Booked national commercial for AT&T

12/11      Accepted into Aquila/Morong Studio 
8/11        Booked national commercial for BUICK
7/11        Booked national commercial for WALGREENS
8/11        Booked national commercial for PILLSBURY GRANDS
6/11        Booked national commercial for HALLMARK
6/11        Booked print job for HERBALIFE
6/11        Booked print job for TERVIS